Web site photography and stock photo libraries

Stock photo libraries

Recent growth in the online stock photography market has literally made millions available to your company at the click of the button. It is possible to find some very high quality images even through some of the cheapest resources.

Our comprehensive web design service includes advise on copyright issues and cost-effective purchase as well as answering some of your common questions: what size do I need? how many impressions am I going to use? what are "impressions"?


designbase is also in the process of growing its own stock photo library which features commercial and wildlife photography:

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Inclusion of photographic elements can transform your web site. As you would expect, your existing photos can be incorporated from many formats:

Product photography

Product photography for your entire catalogue could be expensive and whilst we would generally recommend using a professional service for the best results, we do have the expertise to turn your product snaps in quality online catalogue photographs:

watch original  watch processed

We are also experienced in image processing so for example we can create colour options for your catalogue from a single product photo:

original grey colour variants