Accessibility Statement

General Statement

We have made every effort to make this site accessible and easy to use for everyone irrespective of the browser you use.

All pages on this site, have been subject to an accessibility audit and should be valid to HTML 5 and use CSS.

Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional Valid CSS!

Browser Text & Colours

You can specify the font sizes, styles, foreground and background colours of web pages displayed on your computer screen, even though we have already specified these. You can also specify the colour used to indicate links in Web pages, or a special colour for links that are used only when the mouse passes over the link. This is useful if you have low vision, need larger fonts, or need high-contrast colours.

Accessibility Queries

If you have any difficulties using this site that you believe we could address, please let us know. It would be helpful if your message contained the following: